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Adjusting Beauty Regimens during Pregnancy to Avoid Stretch Marks

It’s a sad fact that during pregnancy, beauty regimens often go out of the window. Unless you are very wealthy to begin with, you can’t really continue to pamper yourself the same way before your pregnancy. However, you do not have to sacrifice everything during your pregnancy. You simply have to adapt and to adjust according to your present needs.

Stretch marks form one of the core problems of the skin of pregnant women. Women deserve to have beautiful skin before getting pregnant, during pregnancy and definitely after giving birth.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this is the hidden truth that we have to pay attention to our skin even during pregnancy to make safeguarding of the skin work. If you don’t like stretch marks to form on your skin, you have to be diligent and vigilant about your general skin care. You also have to be more selective of the cosmetic products that you use. This is especially true to the creams, oils and lotions that you choose to slather on your skin.

Prepare Yourself for the Long Haul

Nine months is a long time come to think of it. For many women, this span marks the end of long-time beauty regimens. Some feel desperation, sometimes even anger at the changes going on in their bodies. Some blame their husbands for their ruined figure. These bleak images do happen, and once we examine them, we are led to conclude that nothing good will come out of them.

If we wish to prevent bad skin from happening, then we should definitely do something to keep it from happening. Being desperate and lashing out at everyone for your bad skin will not help. The keyword here is ‘adaptation’. How does one adapt?

The 5 Steps

1. Remember that women have different needs. For example, if you have extremely dry skin even during the non-dry periods of the year, then you have to pamper yourself with moisturizers that are doctor-approved. If you have trouble with keeping your skin elastic enough for the rapid expansion, then you have to keep the collagen levels up with food supplements such as multivitamin tablets that have extra vitamin D and vitamin C levels.

2. To remain on the safe side, all treatments that use chemicals and require procedures (non-invasive, of course) should be limited to the first 3 months of the woman’s pregnancy. Anything beyond this period should be considered improper and already potentially dangerous to both the mother and to the yet-born child.

3. To hide existing stretch marks, consider adding natural tones to your cosmetics collection. Foundation and other makeup should be as naturally-based as possible and should contain no harmful chemicals.

4. Tonic oil should be added to the daily massage routine of the skin to address the issue of elasticity for the skin. As to what brand, it’s up to you.

5. In post-pregnancy, consider increasing the frequency of facial treatment and other such procedures to combat the ill effects of another wave of hormonal changes.