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Almond Oil for Stretch Marks

Almond Oil

Almond oil is obtained from almonds that belong to Prunus genre and is the name of the edible seed found inside the shell of the fruit bearing tree. Almond is basically a drupe - that is, it is a nut found inside a shell. Shelling is done to remove the seeds and obtain the seed or the nut which is edible. It is basically a native of the Mediterranean region and with the advent of trade in the earlier centuries, reached as far as USA. The almond tree starts bearing fruit after almost five years and the fruit is in the form of green soft shells that are basically drupes. Sometimes twin seeds are also present inside the shell.

2 Types of Almonds

Almonds are of two types, the ones used for consumption are the sweet almonds from which oil is also extracted. The wild or bitter almonds are the ones which turn poisonous at times because of the presence of glycoside amygdalin. Due to a genetic mutation in almonds, they turn bitter. The largest producer of Almond is the USA followed by the Mediterranean countries. The earliest traces of Almond cultivation were found in the regions of Egypt and surrounding areas.

Best Remedies to Reduce Stretch Marks

Almond Oil is extracted from Almond seeds in which approximately 54% oil is present composed of Omega fat, essential fatty acids and oleic acid. Almond oil is an excellent emollient. It is extremely lightweight, gentle and has a pleasant aroma. The sweet almond oil that finds its use in numerous arenas is obtained from the almond kernel. Traditionally used for massages it is also edible. It is extensively used as an essential oil in aromatherapy.

One of the best remedies to reduce stretch marks; almond oil is extremely beneficial when massaged onto the affected area of the skin. Since almonds are a rich source of vitamin E it provides the skin the required oxidants that would lighten the stretch marks caused either due to pregnancy or excessive weight gain. It enhances the complexion and if included in diet works as an excellent and enriching source of vitamin E providing the requisite nourishment for the skin. Almond oil is very mild and therefore easily absorbed by the skin leaving it soft and supple. Regular usage would ensure fair and glowing skin.

Side Effects and Safety Notes

Although almond oil is one of the best skin conditioners it may also cause allergy. The skin may develop rashes because of contact with the oil for those who are averse to it. It is always advisable to use it in consultation with a practitioner and to be tested before trying.