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Aloe Vera for Stretch Marks

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a short stemmed succulent plant with thick and fleshy leaves. It belongs to the lily family and its name is derived from Arabic word “Alloeh” which actually means bitter. There are about 240 varieties of Aloe vera that are found in dry regions of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. Aloe vera has antiviral, antibiotic, and anti parasitic properties. It is an excellent wound healer and its enzymatic activity also helps in reducing and eliminating scars.

Natural Healer to Remove Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are linear scars that are formed when skin loses its elasticity and stretchiness due to the dermal damages to the middle layer of the skin. Aloe vera acts as a natural healer in removing stretch marks. It has plant collagen which makes it capable to be absorbed into the dermal layer and repair the loss caused by stretch marks. The best way to get rid from stretch marks is to treat them at an early stage. Applying Aloe vera at a primary stage will help in healing those little tears which later lead to the stretch marks. Aloe vera also helps in reducing those marks that are already present on the skin or are at their secondary stage. A liberal dose of Aloe vera gel can work wonders for the skin as well making it look young and soft.

Aloe vera is available in different forms such as Aloe soap, Aloe gel, Aloe butter and Aloe vera extract. Aloe vera gel is known to have soothing and healing properties for burns. Therefore by using the Aloe vera based products on a regular basis one can easily get rid of stretch marks or any kind of scars or skin rash. Aloe vera products are rich in various nutrients, vitamins, olive oil, vitamins, amino acids and about 75 valuable components which are excellent wound healers, prevent any kind of scars and repair skin damage.  

Side Effects and Safety Notes

Aloe vera is a natural herb and its side effects are nominal but one must consult a doctor before using its products. People having allergies from plants may also develop skin rash after its prolonged use. Redness and itching is reported in some cases on usage of aloe on surgical wounds.

Aloe vera is a miracle and wonder plant. It uses on skin are legendary. It enhances the immune system, inhibits pain and stimulus growth. It is an excellent herb with lots of nutritional benefits.