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What is Anew Clinical Stretch Mark Smoother?

Avon’s Anew Clinical Stretch Mark Smoother, from Avon Products, Inc., is a fine skin cream and sculpting agent that can be used by women suffering from the ravages of stretch marks. The company recognizes the fact that more than 50% of women to some degree develop stretch marks. Whether the stretch marks are caused by pregnancy or by yoyo dieting, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that there’s a way now to remove these stubborn stretch marks naturally and without the pain of injections, plasters or surgery.

Instead of saving for a tummy tuck, you would only have to spend a minimal amount for the permanent removal of your stretch marks. In addition, Avon’s new skin cream has been positively reviewed by many online buyers and more than 75% of these buyers want others to try out the new skin cream, so that they would see just how effective it is.

While Avon Products, Inc. recognizes that many people like using vitamin A, C and E for their skin, hair and nails, the company also stated that these compounds are not strong enough to remove the stretch marks themselves. With this in mind, Avon Products, Inc. has developed their own brand of non-irradiating technology to remove the stretch marks and to regenerate the skin from within.    

How Does Anew Clinical Stretch Mark Smoother Work?

Avon’s Anew Clinical Stretch Mark Smoother works by combining the potent forces of its natural botanical ingredients and its patented TriLaser technology that is capable of evening out the skin’s tone, color and form. The new skin cream also features bute extract from butea monosperma, which is a known skin firming and improving substance.

Did you know that this active ingredient actually comes from a plant so safe and helpful that you can actually use the roots of the original butea monosperma and use it in an infusion? The infusion of the butea monosperma is used because of the plant’s antimicrobial property. That’s one of the best things about this product; you won’t have to suffer from undue harm from synthetic chemical compounds because it has been formulated with only the best botanical ingredients and oils.

While Avon Products Inc. knows that lots of people like cocoa butter for their skin, they also know that this too is not enough to address the larger problem that is the stretch marks themselves. After applying the product on clear, dry skin allow the cream to be absorbed before putting on your clothes. This would also allow you to save money by using only a small amount whenever the time for application comes.

Anew Clinical Stretch Mark Smoother User Reviews

Avon’s Anew Clinical Stretch Mark Smoother has been enjoying great reviews from its users. User reviews can be found directly from the product website and here are some of the reviews that we have been able to find.

One of the users of the product was a young mother who had given birth to her second child. Because of the fact that mothers of two children often suffer from stretch marks because of the massive expansion, she had experienced having stretch marks on her belly and even on her bust. The user happily reported that the stretch marks were no longer present on her skin. The user was between 16 to 24 years of age.

Another user review was from an older reviewer and she had shared that the stretch marks on her belly were very angry, and very red. But within two weeks the said stretch marks had already disappeared and she could hardly find them when she looked in the mirror. The lady was indeed very happy with her purchase and she stated that the new ANEW cream was highly recommendable to other potential skin cream users.

Another lady with similar stretch mark formations (red and purple) had stated that her stretch marks disappeared after two weeks of use only. As you can see, it appears that the cream is indeed a very fast acting skin cream, compared to other products that work within months.

Anew Clinical Stretch Mark Smoother Side Effects

Avon’s Anew Clinical Stretch Mark Smoother does not produce any adverse or harmful side effects when used on the skin. However, you should still watch out for any changes in your skin after prolonged use of this product. If you’re thinking of using this skin cream for months at a time, any allergic reactions should be noted and reported to your doctor. Your doctor would be able to determine and trace the source of the allergy and may be able to prescribe something to counteract the allergic reactions.

Remember, you should never sacrifice your overall health just for your skin. There’s also a very easy way to determine whether your skin is allergic to particular skin cream or not. This is what you must do: take a very small amount of the skin cream that you wish to use and apply it to thick portions of your skin. This includes the forearm, the knees, the soles of the feet and even the feet.

Usually, the forearm is used in an allergy test. When the small portion of the cream that you wish to use produces a reddish weal on the portion of the skin, you’re definitely allergic to the skin cream. If such a situation happens, you should no longer use the product to be safe.

Where to Buy Anew Clinical Stretch Mark Smoother?

Avon’s Anew Clinical Stretch Mark Smoother may be purchased directly from the company website at $25. Before you buy the product, let’s review first the statistics that back up the product. What would be the proof that a skin cream can actually effect change on the skin without statistics? It’s fortunate that Avon Products, Inc. had been able to provide the necessary statistics backing up the product.

Within the two week mark, test subjects in a controlled clinical study for Avon Products, Inc. reported that their skin tone had greatly improved. A general improvement of the skin had been noted by 75% of the users and that 75% also noted that the color of their stretch marks was also greatly improved. At the 2nd month of clinical testing, the respondents were able to report that even the unsightly cellulite formations had already healed.

Each tube of Avon’s Anew Clinical Stretch Mark Smoother costs just $25. You can also cash in on a new product offer from Avon Products, Inc. Did you know that you can get a swanky new iPod for just $29? You just have to buy 2 tubes of the skin cream we have been reviewing and you would be entitled to buy a brand new iPod at the discounted rate of $29. Isn’t that a great deal?