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Baby Oil for Stretch Marks

Baby Oil

Baby Oil is made up of Mineral Oil and fragrances that make it light and tender along with rendering it a soothing smell. Mineral oil is a petroleum product available in light and heavy grades and its extracts are mixed with other ingredients to obtain the desired type of oil, baby oil being one of them. It is made up of aromatic hydrocarbons. In some companies whale oil is also used in the preparation of baby oil as it is an excellent source. For years baby oil has been recommended as a potion to get rid of the stretch marks.

Not an Effective Solution for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are caused by the excessive and quick stretching of skin over a period of time. The layer of skin responsible for creating elasticity in our skin gets damaged due to weight gain or during pregnancy, besides certain other causes like hereditary factors.

There are a wide range of baby oil products available in the market with Johnson’s baby oil being one of the most famous and most sought after products. Used not just for babies but by adults as well, its widest use lies in the sector of applying it for reducing the stretch marks as well as for moisturizing.

Preferably used on wet skin it is an excellent source to lighten the stretch marks as claimed by many users. However some of them also claim that it has not been very effective in reduction of stretch marks instead it has been a good moisturizer. It locks the moisturizer of the skin when used, providing it suppleness and soothing the dry patches as well.

Baby oil should be gently massaged on to the affected part of the skin when being used to reduce or lighten the stretch marks. One can use it either by applying directly on the skin or adding a few drops into bath or rubbing it on the wet skin after bath. It provides best results when applied at night as the skin absorbs the essential fatty acids required to make it supple.

Side Effects and Safety Notes

However there are certain safety or precautionary measures that need to be taken while using it as it may not suit every skin type. It must strictly not be applied on irritated skin as the danger of an allergy gets higher. It is only for external use and should be used only for topical application. Consumption in any other form is dangerous. If taken in, it could lead to lung inflammation.