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What is Barmon® Stretch Mark Cream?

Barmon® Stretch Mark Cream is an anti-stretch mark skin care cream produced by Barmon Inc. Barmon Incorporated is based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. The unique feature of this particular stretch mark cream is that it’s been made with a more absorbable base that would allow for deeper penetration of the skin’s various layers. This is very important, because skin creams often fail to deliver when they cannot be absorbed completely by the skin.

This particular skin cream can be used by women who want their pregnancies to be worry free. Worry often stems from the fact that awful stretch marks develop because of the expansion of the abdominal area during pregnancy. This problem is eliminated when the skin cream begins its vital task of rebuilding the skin completely. Often, women fail to take stock completely of the situation and so the stretch marks often mature without treatment.

Hyperpigmentation often results and the stretch marks are harder to treat. The company, Barmon Inc., has declared that their skin cream is safe to use even during pregnancy. Be that as it may, you must still consult with a health care provider to make sure that you’re doing the right thing by using this product for your stretch marks.

How Does Barmon® Stretch Mark Cream Work?    

Barmon® Stretch Mark Cream works by introducing large amounts of tocopherol or vitamin E into the dermal system itself. Vitamin E or tocopherol has been found to produce significantly positive effects on both cellular level and the macro-molecular level. Apart from protecting the cells from premature destruction by protecting their membranes from damage, vitamin E has also been used to make skin clearer and more vibrant.

The vitamin E in the Barmon® formulation was included also to stimulate the production of natural collagen in the skin. Collagen constitutes the primary bulk of the skin and is actually 70% of the total weight of the largest organ of the body.

The skin cream also contains cocoa butter; a common yet effective ingredient in most skin creams. It’s used often by different manufacturers because of its ability to moisturize the skin and help it repair itself.

Cocoa butter is also very hypoallergenic and has not been known to cause any problems even for sensitive skin. Apart from the fragrant smell, did you know that cocoa butter is actually a form of fat? Cocoa butter is extracted from cocoa pods, the source of sweet, creamy chocolate. Alone, cocoa butter can be used as an additive in sweets and other foods. When applied in conjunction with other dermatological agents, it can truly perform.

Barmon® Stretch Mark Cream User Reviews

Barmon® Stretch Mark Cream user reviews reveal a very efficient skin cream that works for just about any skin type, regardless of age and ethnicity. One user review was from an African American woman who had been suffering stretch marks post-pregnancy. The horrifying number of stretch marks pushed the poor woman to look for a remedy on the Internet. Finally, she found one particularly convincing product, Barmon® Stretch Mark Cream.

This user was quite patient with the treatment, and she gave the skin cream a few months to work its science on her stretch marks. After a few months of use, the user review reported that the woman had experienced renewed vigor because her skin was no longer marred by stretch marks.

Another one user review stated that she didn’t even buy her own jar of the skin cream. She was just given Barmon® Stretch Mark Cream by her friends because they knew how it bothered her immensely. The user tried the product for about five months and she had also experienced some improvements.

These two individual cases have different time frames precisely because each person’s skin formation is unique. You can rush these things, but you can practice a bit of patience and wait until the skin is ready to shed off the unwanted stretch marks once and for all.     

Barmon® Stretch Mark Cream Side Effects

Barmon® Stretch Mark Cream does not cause any allergies in users. You won’t be experiencing any form of allergy with this skin cream because there would be no allergens begin with.

Barmon Inc. has also declared that this product is okay to use even if you’re naturally breastfeeding your child. That means you can apply it either to the underside of your bust or your abdomen if the circumstances call for such a move. This is actually good news, because most women want to begin treating their stretch marks as soon as possible to get the most out of their purchases.

However, it should be noted that this skin cream contains parabens. Parabens have been linked to cancer in one study recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As the Barmon® website does not specify how much parabens they’ve included in the product formulation, we cannot accurately state whether this product is completely safe for use.

We’re sure that Barmon Inc. is wise enough not to inundate the cream with too much parabens just to preserve the skin cream itself. That would be tantamount to saying that the skin cream is more valuable than the users themselves. The paraben present in this particular formulation is propylparaben. This product also contains Dimethicone, a common barrier ingredient.  

Where to Buy Barmon® Stretch Mark Cream?  

Barmon® Stretch Mark Cream can be ordered online from their company website. Each tube is priced originally at $29.95 but Barmon Inc. is retailing it online for just $19.95. That’s a good price cut at $10 per tube. However, the price cut applies only to orders of at least 2 tubes. So if you really want to get the discount, place your faith in this particular skin cream and order 2 tubes.

If you do not wish to order electronically, you may also send your payments to this address: Barmon Inc., PO Box 38438, Baltimore, MD 21231. You can order by check or by money order. Some people don’t have credit cards so they would automatically opt for the pay-by-mail option. After receiving your check and cashing it, Barmon Inc. would proceed to sending your package straight to your doorstep.

The company is offering an unconditional money-back guarantee for all its clients. Barmon Inc. wants you to be very comfortable when you try their products for the first time. If you wish to return any Barmon® products, just reship whatever is left of the cream and the jar, of course.