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Body Building and Stretch Marks   

Most serious body builders have stretch marks. This is because their muscles grow so fast that their skin can’t keep up with the pace. The result is that stretch marks develop due to the overstretching of the skin. But don’t feel bad. If stretch marks start forming on your skin, then this just means that your muscles are becoming bigger at such a fast rate. Instead, congratulate yourself for being successful at body building.

Stretch Mark Treatment

How should body builders deal with stretch marks? Well, the best way is to prevent them by keeping your skin healthy. A diet that is deficient in vitamins and minerals will only bring about the increase formation of stretch marks. Thus, make sure that aside from eating right, you’re also supplementing your diet with other nutrients. You should also keep your skin well-hydrated by drinking a lot of fluids and by using moisturizing products such as stretch mark creams.

However, the fact is that whether you have perfectly healthy skin or not, you WILL develop stretch marks if you’re really into body building. Here are a few tips that you should follow for stretch mark removal or reduction:

• Have a well-balanced diet plus nutritional supplements to keep your skin healthy.

• During the off-season, don’t do heavy bulking up. Bulking up is just another term for packing on fat. Once you want to compete again, you’ll just have to lose all of the fat that you previously gained. Thus, you should focus on putting on lean muscles.

• Use lotion that has large vitamin E content. Massage it daily onto stretch mark prone areas. Doing this daily will increase the circulation in those areas and promote the regeneration of epidermal cells. It will also expedite the healing of your stretch marks.

• To disguise your stretch marks, you may use suntan lotions. A favorite among body builders is coconut oil. A dark tan will certainly hide your unsightly marks and make you look better, especially when you are competing.