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Can Stretch Marks Be Totally Eliminated?   

Is total stretch mark removal possible? This is the question that millions of people around the world wish to find an answer to. Stretch marks are scars that develop because the middle layer of your skin gets damaged when it gets overstretched. Skin cells get stretched due to many factors such as extreme weight gain, engaging in physically demanding activities, and rapid growth spurts.

It has been found that stretch marks that have only recently developed will fade to a color that is usually just a bit lighter than the surrounding patch of skin. This fading could take around 6 until 12 months. The healing process can be expedited by applying various stretch mark creams and other products. Examples of ingredients that can help get rid of stretch marks are vitamin E and cocoa butter. A lot of people have attributed the elimination of their stretch marks to either of these items, but there also some who have said that these did not work for them at all.

Other Treatment Options for Stretch Marks

You should not just resign yourself and live with your stretch marks. Aside from using stretch mark removal creams, lotions, and ointments, there are other methods that can help make your unsightly skin problem less noticeable.

One option is laser light therapy. This treatment method has recently become more and more popular for reducing the appearance of stretch marks. This does not totally remove the marks. What it does it merely fade them through the stimulation of the damaged melanin of stretch marks. The result is that the stretch marks’ color becomes closer to the shade of the surrounding skin tone. In addition, some people claim that laser light therapy stimulates skin cell regeneration in the treated areas, thus causing further reduction in the appearance of stretch marks. Some patients have seen as much as a 90 percent reduction in stretch marks.

A Final Word on Stretch Mark Permanence

Are stretch marks curable? They won’t completely disappear, but they fade to a point where they become unnoticeable. Feel free to try different treatment products to see which one will work best in getting rid of your stretch marks.