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Dermectin Reviews

What is Dermectin™ Stretch Mark Repair?

Dermectin™ Stretch Mark Repair is a stretch mark cream from Pure Tek Corporation that has been formulated with a dual-action formula that can be used for stretch marks, wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet and other skin problem caused by weight gain or weight loss and of course, skin ageing. This skin cream is notable because it acts upon the main causes of stretch marks and skin ageing and prevents these causes from ever causing trouble again.

All positive gains from the use of this particular cream are permanent. Once the collagen network in the skin has been improved, you wouldn’t have to worry about the skin problems from returning.

According to the science behind the Dermectin™ brand, stretch marks are caused primarily by the expansion of the skin during changes in the girth and dimension of the body. Since the skin is so strong in the first place, what causes the tearing? Pregnancy is often the top cause, because the unborn child requires a lot of space to grow adequately within the 9-month pregnancy period.

You don’t have to suffer from stretch marks accrued during pregnancy because Dermectin™ has been designed to go straight to the roots of stretch marks to eliminate the entire problem. From the skin’s firmness to the color of the stretch marks, Dermectin™ has got your problem covered.  

How Does Dermectin™ Stretch Mark Repair Work?     

Dermectin™ Stretch Mark Repair works by restoring the vital collagen networks that can be found directly underneath the topmost layer of the skin. When you get older, the protective and vital network that can be found beneath the topmost layer of the skin begins to flatten out, leading to thinner and more injury-prone skin. This is the first step of restoring the health of the skin.

By restoring the collagen networks, you are also restoring the nutrient channel for both of the layers. The two layers of the skin in question would be able to communicate more efficiently, and the skin would be able to differentiate between scar tissue and normal tissue again.

This skin cream also serves to exfoliate the skin. This is part of the job of the Dermacin™ complex, which is used in this particular skin care product. With the help of natural and gentle defoliants, the damaged under layer of the skin is finally completely removed so that new skin can move in its place.

The skin cream is also capable of nourishing the skin so that cellular regeneration and cellular metabolism is also improved. Polysaccharides and glycosaminoglycans on the other hand are responsible for keeping the skin highly hydrated and firm.

Dermectin™ Stretch Mark Repair User Reviews

Dermectin™ Stretch Mark Repair user reviews have so far been positive, owing to the fact that many vocal users of this skin cream have been very vocal about their opinions about the effectiveness of this anti stretch mark cream. 14% of the available reviews state that the skin cream had been able to make the user’s skin look clearer again. This is owe to the fact that Dermectin™ uses an exfoliation technique.

There is no other way to end up with smoother skin; you have to exfoliate. By removing the impurities in the first layer of the skin, you’re giving the new skin cells a relatively clean slate to work upon and grow. That’s the real science behind skin ageing.

At 8 weeks time, 37% of the test subjects in a clinical study stated that their deep wrinkles spread across the tapestry that is the body had improved. These wrinkles were usually on the arms, neck and face.

Dermectin™ had been so effective and mild that people had even applied the skin cream on the face without fear of side effects. As for the improvement of the skin’s over all tone and color, 20% of the test subjects in the aforementioned clinical study stated that there was also an improvement there.      

Dermectin™ Stretch Mark Repair Side Effects

Dermectin™ Stretch Mark Repair may cause rashes and some itching. It is recommended that if you experience some of these after effects upon application of the cream that you wash off the affected areas with some water and some soap. Doing so would effectively remove the offending skin cream so that the skin would return to its natural appearance.

Do not try to treat the weal or rashes with other creams as some of the extant ingredients on the surface of the skin may react with other ingredients from other creams. It’s best to just let the allergy subside on its own.

To make sure that you are not allergic to the Dermectin™ brand, you can perform a simple allergy test to determine whether you are allergic or not. This can be done by squeezing the tube and getting only a pea sized amount. This pea sized amount should be moistened and placed on a spot on the forearm.

Once you have done this, you can easily look at the spot for any changes. Observable changes that indicate the presence of an allergen include redness, swelling, itching and some rashes. Since you applied the skin cream to a small area only, you can easily wait until the rashes disappear.   

Where to Buy Dermectin™ Stretch Mark Repair?   

Dermectin™ Stretch Mark Repair can be purchased online from Pure Tek Corporation’s distributor called Vitamins and Beauty.

Originally, the listed price for this skin cream is $49.99. As a special offer to all online buyers, they are lowering the price to just $39.99. That’s a big savings on your part because you automatically save $10 per tube of the skin cream.

The distributor of Pure Tek Corporation is offering a 90-day money-back guarantee on all purchases, so you can decide whether the product has indeed worked for your needs or not. If not, simply get an authorization number and ship the product back. All returns should be addressed to: Geneva Health & Nutrition, 961 Park Center Drive, Vista, California 92081.

You can still try to return the product to the company beyond the 90-day period, but be ready to explain clearly why you chose to return the product beyond the specified amount of time. While they do not encourage such practice, the distributor’s website was quick to clarify that they can accept such returns.

If you are given a refund, you would have to wait for about a month before the refund is reflected in your billing statement. There are also special discounts offered by the company. If you’re interested in these special discounts, just contact the distributor.