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H-Stretch Marks Formula Reviews

What is H-Stretch Marks Formula?

Amoil’s H-Stretch Marks Formula, from Healing Natural Oils, is a natural remedy for stretch marks that makes use of essential oil as its main bulk of ingredients against skin ageing and stretch marks. The company producing this aromatic oil is based in San Diego, California.

This essential oil has been designed with only one thing in mind: to improve the skin’s capacity to heal itself minus the harmful or doubtful chemicals used in other skin creams or compounded creams. The essential oil also makes use of natural preservatives so that you would never have to come into contact with synthetic ingredients. As such, the essential oil is also safe for use on the face and other sensitive parts of the skin.

The only disadvantage of this product perhaps is that the oil appears far too mild for many users. While some people like all natural ingredients, many people like potent mixtures that can really make a difference in a short period of time. If you think you can wait for a longer period of time for the results to manifest, then this oil is just right for you.

How Does H-Stretch Marks Formula Work?

Amoil’s H-Stretch Marks has been formulated with only the most natural ingredients and therefore would be a bit slow in affecting change on old, damaged skin. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to use the oil for the purpose of treating older stretch marks. It simply means that the results would take much longer to manifest compared to other skin creams that have been loaded with peptide compounds and other more potent formulations.

Essentially, this product functions by hydrating the skin and encouraging the skin to produce more protein through natural, aromatic essential oils. These essential oils have been in use for a very long time in many, many countries around the world for their therapeutic properties.

One of the best things about essential oils is that they don’t force the skin to perform beyond its normal level. The oil is also capable of encouraging the skin to naturally shed off the scar tissue and replace it with normal skin tissue. All this we owe to the fact that essential oils can be absorbed by the skin continuously throughout the day, though not completely. Because oil molecules are larger than liquid molecules, they would not pass the pores that quickly.

H-Stretch Marks Formula User Reviews

Amoil’s H-Stretch Marks Formula has been receiving great reviews from various speaking posts around the World Wide Web. Successful skin treatments with this particular oil has also been recorded, documented and posted by the main product website so you can just view those if you want to see what other users think about this essential oil.

"Very easy ordering site and process and great service with my product being delivered very quickly. Product exactly as described and now for following instructions to get the expected result." Suzie B

"I received My Order Quickly, about 3 Days. It Was Delivered Discreetly Which I was Very Happy About! I Am Very Satisfied With The Product And Its Performance." Andy C

"Hi: I Absolutely love all the oils I bought.. will definitely buy from them again.. :0) Thanks.” Patti

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One positive user review was posted by a body builder that had been engaged in bodybuilding activities for quite some time and had suffered from stretch marks as a result thereof. The male bodybuilder had tried the Amoil’s H-Stretch Marks because he wanted to remove the embarrassing stretch marks that were present in his shoulders and other exposed areas. You see, what bodybuilding does is it bulks the body while eliminating fat.

Fat is more voluminous than lean muscle, so you experience weight gain as well as weight loss at the same time. When this happens, the skin strains to contain the hard, lean muscle tissues forming at several key locations throughout the body. Unfortunately, the skin can tear within, and so you get stretch marks.

The user reported that great improvements have been seen within a few weeks of using the essential oil. Another positive user review was from a woman with dark skin, who experienced the same benefits.

H-Stretch Marks Formula Side Effects

Amoil’s H-Stretch Marks does not cause side effects to its users. Since the product had been mixed only with mild botanical compounds and essential oils that have been proven by tradition and time for their therapeutic value, this product does not cause any kind of irritation when smeared unto the skin. Be that as it may, the skin can still develop allergies if you have specific allergies to certain plan species.

It should be remembered that essential oils or aromatic oils are drawn from the plants themselves and thus they carry the distinctive smell of the plant from whence the oil was gotten from. If you are allergic to almonds, the trace of the plant material in a sweet almond essential oil concoction would of course affect you. The same principle applies if you are allergic to most herbal concoctions; whether this occurs because of the organic nature of these compounds or not varies largely from person to person.

If you are unsure as to how to determine whether you are possibly allergic or not, you can do a small skin test. Try few drops of the oil on one part of your skin. If you see any negative, observable changes then you are probably very irritated by the ingredients included in the formulation and you should discontinue the use thereof.

Where to Buy H-Stretch Marks Formula?

Amoil’s H-Stretch Marks can be purchased directly from their company website It should be remembered that the whole range of skin care products from Healing Natural Oils have all been produced with the same approach to organic farming, sourcing and mixing. If you want quicker relief from your stretch marks, you may be more interested in engaging in mechanical treatments. The big disadvantage with that approach is that you would have to pay a hefty sum for the treatments and there’s a recovery period.

With natural oils and botanical solutions, you would only have to wait for the product to work on your skin. If it doesn’t at first, you can continue to use it indefinitely until something positive manifests. That’s the way it goes in the natural cosmeceutical industry. Not all skins had been crafted equally; so some skin types may be more prone to deeper and more discolored stretch marks than others.   

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