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15 Best Stretch Mark Cream Reviews

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How to Hide Your Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks can be the hardest things to hide during the summer or just about any time of the year that you want to go to the beach to simply relax and let loose. While stretch marks don’t have a single bearing on your capacity to swim, of course you don’t want to expose your “badges of honor” to the people at the beach.

The following are 3 easy steps to temporarily hide the stretch marks from view. The stretch marks won’t completely disappear, but at least they won’t be as obvious as before you did anything to shield them from common sight.

The 3 Easy Steps to Hide Your Stretch Marks

1. Sunless tanning - there are two ways to get a nice, over-all body tan. The first way is to lie down at beach in the nude, slather some anti-UV lotion and wait for nature to give you your bronze tan. The second method involves the use of “sunless tanning”.

What is sunless tanning? Sunless tanning involves going to a tanning salon and getting a machine-made tan. By lying for a few hours at a time inside a specially made machine for that exact purpose, you end up with a nice tan. Tans make the stretch marks disappear for a while by darkening most of the most visible regions of the body.

2. Clothes - now, if you don’t like to tan at the moment, then you have fashion trends on your side. For example, if you have horrible stretch marks that run from behind the knee caps to your buttocks, then you can simply wear something thin and nice to cover these areas. The trick is to wear so-called “boy shorts” while strolling on the beach, and simply removing them when you want to go for a swim. This way, you would be limiting the people who would be seeing the stretch marks.

For the males, you can choose to wear bathing suits that cover the chest area. Usually made from spandex-like material, these suits offer comfort and protection from prying eyes.

3. Moisturize - One cannot undermine the need to moisturize the skin. If you plan to go swimming in a few months, it’s time to moisturize your stretch marks so that they would diminish that much more quickly. With luck (and a lot of moisturizers of your choice) your stretch marks would eventually dissipate with time.

If you believe in the effectiveness of topical application of vital enzymes and compounds like collagen, you may choose to apply moisturizers that have included these vital compounds in the mixture. Do not expect too much though, as no compound can completely make stretch marks disappear. Stretch marks are not pathological conditions that can be handled the same way that you can handle a viral infection or a bacterial infection.


Remember that a dermatologist would be your foremost partner in the removal of those unwanted stretch marks. If you still don’t have a dermatologist, and you really want to remove the stretch marks from your skin, it’s time to look for a good one. Remember to get a specialist always - and make sure that the doctor has good references and an affiliation with a known hospital.

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