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Is It Safe to Use Tanning Products for Stretch Marks?   

Stretch marks are troublesome spots on the human body that usually result from undue weight gain. Sometimes the weight gain really is uncontrollable, as in the case of pregnancy, or sometimes due to other reasons (obesity or genetic disorders resulting in extreme weight gain). If one is worried that the stretch marks mean something serious, well, you can rest you worries because they pose no health threat at all.

Stretch marks are actually quite superficial in nature and are merely products of the natural expansion of the skin to accommodate the added mass on the body. But of course, we don’t like the stretch marks to stay. As much as possible, we want the stretch marks to go away as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Tanning is seen as one of the more effective remedies to make the stretch marks darken and effectively disappear from sight. But what are the things that we have to remember about sun tanning products and tanning itself?

Tanning Products

Before you expose yourself to ultraviolet rays (whether naturally occurring or in tanning booths), remember that health conditions such as lupus might go against your plans. It has something to do with photosensitivity. The skin of people with diabetes or lupus is more sensitive to the action of radiation from the sun, or similar forms of radiation. In this case, skin damage might occur more rapidly in those with diabetes or lupus than in others.

If you plan to use tanning products, remember that under no condition should you allow yourself to use products that do not have UV protection. This is the minimum. The UV protection should be present, and should be effective in blocking out the UV rays. If it doesn’t, you will get a tan alright, but you will probably also get skin cancer in a few years.

Remember the values that are attached to sunscreen. If the SPF or sun protecting factor is less than 15, then the product is no good. Acquire products that are at least 15 in its SPF, or even higher than this value. The higher the value, the better protection for you and your skin. These products are under the FDA, so make sure that what you are buying is FDA approved as well.

Some companies have an added a recent twist to the sunless approach in tanning. Individuals are literally sprayed with color to make bronzing more effective and quicker. The color additive itself has been approved by the Food and Drug Authority, and has been in circulation as an active ingredient in many over the counter creams and sunscreens and tanning products.

You might be wondering, “how about tanning pills? I’ve seen plenty of those in wayward stores.” Well, unfortunately for those who don’t like slathering themselves with lotions or creams, or don’t like being sprayed with a color additive, all tanning pills are still unapproved by the Food and Drug Authority. This means that if you have been taking these tanning pills, there is a chance that you might have been ingesting substandard or even dangerous chemicals.