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Olive Oil for Stretch Marks

Olive Oil

Olive oil is obtained from subsequent pressing and crushing of olives. Its name is derived from the Latin word “oleum” which means oil. Olives were first cultivated in the eastern part of Mediterranean region. It is also known as liquid gold. It has magical medicinal values and is also a great antioxidant. Olive oil is rich in vitamin A, D, K, and certain acids which are not produced by our body, but are very useful for our liver, intestines and heart. Olive oil is also very helpful in relieving various skin problems and in removing stretch mark discolorations. Various kinds of marks and scars can be staved off by drinking olive oil or by massaging it into the skin.

Should be Used Before Getting Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are the linear scars which mostly occur when skin looses its elasticity and stretchiness. Olive oil when mixed with tea tree and vitamin C is a fantastic solution in the reduction of stretch marks. These ingredients pump up the skin, and help in promoting growth of collagen, which further aids in tightening the skin and the affected areas.

Olive oil is effective in removing marks and scars due to its softening attributes. Olive oil is not a miracle cure in removing stretch marks but it plays a legitimate role in lessening the ugliness of the stretch marks. Olive oil when mixed with vitamin E is also effective in reducing the appearance of marks. By applying and massaging the affected area with ½ tsp. of olive oil twice a day for about two to three weeks will give remarkable results. The marks will naturally fade away from pink to white color and become less noticeable.

For best results olive oil should be used before getting stretch marks, or in the initial stage of the marks. Olive oil makes the skin elastic and moist which prevents it from getting over stressed and stretched beyond repair. Massaging skin with warm olive oil will help in blood circulation which leads to early healing of marks. Olive oil acts as a nourishing agent for the skin and makes the skin healthy but it will not entirely remove the stretch marks but help in changing their appearance.

Side Effects and Safety Notes

Olive oil creates a moisture rich environment for our skin and creates a protective layer around it. Various olive oil products are available in market which are rich in nutrients and are an excellent source of moisturizing, cleansing, and protecting sensitive and dry skin. However use of olive oil should be started only after a consultation with the physician.