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Pregnancy Stretch Marks Prevention

Pregnancy is no doubt a wonder and exciting period of your every woman’s life. It is the time when you’re highly anticipating the coming of your little one. It is also when you giddily shop for cute baby clothes and nursery furnishings. For most women, however, there is still something that continues to bother them at the back of their minds. Amidst their excitement during pregnancy, they can’t help but worry about putting on too much weight and having stretch marks.  

6 Simple Tips to Prevent Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Follow these simple steps in order to avoid having stretch marks.

• Keep yourself hydrated during your pregnancy. By drinking a lot of fluids, you are also hydrating your skin. Your skin will therefore be more elastic and won’t be largely affected by the extreme stretching and shrinking of your skin.

• Pregnancy stretch marks can be prevented through a healthy weight gain during pregnancy. A steady, not a rapid weight gain will increase your chances of not having stretch marks.

• Stretch marks may be avoided by being meticulous when it comes to the food that you eat. Avoid ingesting Vitamin A-rich foods. What you should binge on are those that are rich in zinc and vitamins E and C.

• Having pre-natal massages to increase the circulation to stretch mark-prone areas of your body will definitely help. Have gentle massages of the breasts, arms, abdomen, and legs done regularly. You may also use a soft wash cloth for massaging during a bath.

• Engaging in pre-natal exercises regularly will also help in the prevention of stretch marks. Exercise will definitely tone your skin and give it more elasticity, making it more resistant against the impact of changes in weight. However, it is important that you consult your doctor first before engaging in any form of exercise.

• It would really help if you use stretch mark creams that are safe for use during pregnancy. Make sure you read their labels to check if they are not contraindicated for pregnant women.