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Promaxyl Reviews

What is Promaxyl Stretch Mark Cream?  

Promaxyl Stretch Mark Cream, developed by Skin Research Laboratories, is a skin cream designed and formulated to eliminate stretch marks and other signs of skin ageing. The formula used in this skin cream may be helpful to individuals who are entering their golden years but would still like to look young and vibrant. The skin cream has been designed in such a way that it penetrates deep down, so that exfoliation and skin regeneration is accomplished faster.

This stretch mark cream has been manufactured with an oil base. Oil bases are often poor in terms in absorption rates though they can produce beneficial effects on the very surface of the skin but not for the deeper layers. This we owe perhaps to the size of the oil molecules and the level permeability of the skin itself. Whether the manufacturers have found a way to balance the absorption rates for skin creams with oil for bases, remains to be seen.

Have you ever seen a facelift brought about by natural chemical compounds? You can easily use Promaxyl for this end. Facelifts are special medical procedures that create firmer and younger looking skin. However, literal facelifts are very expensive. You can get a slower facelift by using Promaxyl; though the result would vary from an actual facelift, it would still be a facelift, all the same.  

How Does Promaxyl Stretch Marks Cream Work?      

Promaxyl Stretch Mark Cream contains the following active and inert ingredients:

• Alkykl Benzoate

• Capric Triglyceride

• Glyceryl Stearate

• Cetearyl Olivate

• Sorbitan Olivate

• Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3

• Butylene Gycol

• Stearic Acid

• Sigesbeckia Orientalis Extract

• Palmitoyl Oligopeptide

• Glucosamine HCL

• Extracts from Algae

• Extracts from Yeast

• Hydrocotyl

• Echinacea Angustifolia

• Wheat Protein

As you can see, the product has been formulated with various peptide complexes that serve to activate the protein production in the skin. Without these peptide complexes it would be very difficult to encourage the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Other chemical compounds used in the formulation were included to emulsify the formulation. Extracts from yeast are also included in the formula to improve the cell regeneration rate of the skin. It’s actually quite surprising that something as simple as yeast would be of immense help to people suffering from skin problems like wrinkles and stretch marks.

And yet, many other companies are using extracts from the common yeast to remedy the problem of protein deficiency in the skin. Why does yeast work? You see, individual yeast cells are armed with a protective mechanism produces the same proteins required by the skin to flourish: elastin and collagen.  

Promaxyl Stretch Marks Cream User Reviews

Promaxyl Stretch Mark Cream has been receiving nice comments and user reviews from around the World Wide Web. This proves that the skin cream is actually accomplishing what it has been promising for a long time. One such user review spoke of how the skin cream was able to produce positive effects on her skin within a very short period of time.

Remember, “short” in the cosmeceutical industry does not mean overnight especially for stretch mark creams. “Short” or “quick” usually means a few weeks, at best. Stretch mark creams that claim to remove stretch marks within the day are either fake or freakishly radioactive.

Another user review was from a 26 year old who had not been very supportive of skin creams. As a skeptic, she had doubts as to how this product would actually help her regain what’s been lost with her stretch marks. She had given birth to her first child, which was the reason why she had tried the product in the first place. Can you believe it when she states that she actually felt some improvements after a few weeks of using the Promaxyl formula?

Another customer stated that the product did not work at all. One user review was from a teenager who had been suffering from striae marks since she was young. She was very happy with the results, indeed. The user reported that within 7 days only, her stretch marks disappeared and could hardly be seen.        

Promaxyl Stretch Marks Cream Side Effects

Promaxyl Stretch Mark Cream can produce redness, irritation or other forms of mild allergic symptoms when used. Because the formulation is very potent, it’s possible that some individuals may not be able to tolerate the formula outright. In such cases, you should simply stop from using the product to prevent any complications from arising. Unchecked allergies can cause other problems, such as open wounds, generalized rashes, etc.

To test whether the skin cream can be used by you without any adverse side effects, test on a small part of the skin first and see whether there would be any reactions.

You should never apply the skin cream near the eyes and the mucous membranes. Doing so would de facto cause allergies that would be detrimental to your daily activities. In addition, these areas of the body should never come into contact with such chemical products because they would ultimately cause tissue degradation.

Leave it to the dermatologists to determine the best recourse for fine lines that have close proximity to the eyes. Promaxyl is not for use by children and persons under the age of 18. If you’re a teenager and you’re suffering from intense stretch marks, it should be noted that you must get the recommendation or permission of those older than you to ascertain your skin’s safety.     

Where to Buy Promaxyl Stretch Marks Cream?    

Promaxyl Stretch Mark Cream can be purchased at lowest price from their company website. Each individual tube contains 4 fl. Oz. and is priced $49.95 (Free US shipping). You are also given a 90-day guarantee from Skin Research Laboratory.

Are you interested in purchasing packages that combine the potency of various products from Skin Research Laboratories? You can do so by choosing from the most basic packages. For example an Intensive Wrinkle Cream and a Magnesium Polish pack costs just $89.90. If you want these two products plus an eye wrinkle solution from Skin Research Laboratory, you would only have to be billed $99.90. If you’re from the US, you’re also given free shipping and the guarantee mentioned earlier.

All product returns should be shipped back to address: Your Skin Looks Great, 10040 Remmet Avenue, Chatsworth, California, 91311. Like other skin companies, Skin Research Laboratory requires all returns to be mediated and validated before approval. The return authorization code can be acquired from (800) 380-8516, their product returns line.