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Revitagen-FX Reviews

What is Revitagen-FX Stretch Mark Cream?

Revitagen Stretch Mark Cream is a revolutionary new skin care cream that was designed primarily to remove the unsightly stretch marks from your body. The skin cream may be used by individuals who fresh stretch marks from pregnancy or by individuals who have had stretch marks for decades. It doesn’t matter how old the stretch marks are; the cream would take care of it. This particular skin cream has been equipped with a patented formulation that can remove the darkened or lightened lines found on the skin after the stretch marks have matured. Even stretch marks caused by obesity or extreme loss of weight can be remedied by this stretch mark cream.

Revitagen cream also promises ‘skin renewal’ to its users. What is skin renewal? Skin renewal is the project of removing the old skin cells from the upper surface or layer of the skin, gently. This is done to give new skin cells the required space to grow. If the project of renewing the skin is successful, you end up with younger looking skin than before. Because the skin on top is gently removed, the imperfections go off along with the old skin. The fresher layer of skin just beneath the surface can easily be used to regenerate new skin cells.   

How Does Revitagen-FX Stretch Mark Cream Work?   

Revitagen Stretch Mark Cream aims to bring back the younger appearance of your skin within 3 to 4 weeks. For first time users of skin creams, this time period might seems like an obstinately long period, but it’s actually already a good deal.

Most stretch mark creams that aim to remove something as serious as stretch marks have much longer periods. Some skin creams promise results only after more than a month of use. Some even state that visible changes would manifest after 120 days of continuous use of the product. But this particular skin cream has been formulated and concentrated enough so that it would work within 30 days.

Revitagen Stretch Mark Cream has been formulated with peptides. Peptides are responsible for the formation of proteins in the skin and perform a host of other tasks inside the human body. The first ingredient is called palmitoyl oligopeptide and is responsible in increasing the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin. The said acid is responsible for the lubrication of the joints and other connective tissues in the body.

Next, Palmitoyl pentapeptide-3 is responsible for improving the outer appearance of the human skin. Retinyl palmitate on the other hand is actually just vitamin A. Vitamin A has been used for a long time to keep the skin healthier and more vibrant.

Revitagen-FX Stretch Mark Cream User Reviews

The user reviews for Revitagen Stretch Mark Cream have been quite encouraging. One specific user review spoke of how the user had been able to get compliments from both family members and friends after she had used the skin cream. The improvement in her skin appeared only after 2 weeks of use. The user in question had used the skin cream faithfully not only on her stretch marks but all over her body.

Another user review was from a woman of 47 years who has had stretch marks for quite some time now. This woman had been advised by her doctor that nothing could be done about her stretch marks and other imperfections in her skin. She was saddened by the news but decided not to let the ageing process have its way with her.

This woman used the Revitagen cream and after only 60 days of using it the stretch marks she so hated were gone. Other imperfections like wrinkles also began dissipating. She was indeed very happy with the results of her little adventure into advanced skin care and has had nicer skin since then.    

Revitagen-FX Stretch Mark Cream Side Effects

Revitagen Stretch Mark Cream does not produce any harmful side effects on the skin or the muscles (some creams do). However, the company had been honest enough to state that some users in clinical trials have reported some degree of itching and rashes. If the same thing had happened to you, the company website recommends calling their customer service line so that they can properly document the side effect.

It should be noted that the peptides mentioned above may have caused the after effects because they directly act upon the skin on the molecular level.

Revitagen cream should not be used by people who want to get pregnant soon or by those who are already with child. The product contains a derivative of vitamin A. Medical science warns that derivatives of this vitamin may cause birth defects; so slow down if you’re already pregnant. To be completely safe and aboveboard about the use of this skin cream, you should consult with your doctor first. If the risk of birth defects is low for you, then you can go ahead and use the product during your whole pregnancy to prevent the stretch marks.  

Where to Buy Revitagen-FX Stretch Mark Cream?

Revitagen Stretch Mark Cream can be purchased from their company website. The lowest price we found online is $60.18 on Amazon.

The price is a bit more expensive than other natural creams, such as Revitol ($39.95), but nonetheless, you would be given priority shipping if you order more than one tube of the product. Shipping usually takes 3 days to get to your doorstep (instant processing, ground delivery). Each tube has 6 fl.oz. of the cream. Remember, each tube of Revitagen Stretch Mark Cream would last for 30 days.

If you’ve already ordered your Revitagen cream and would like to return, click here for the product returns page.