Stretch Mark-S




Salt and Oxygen Super-Gun to Treat Stretch Marks   

A recent development in the social and medical application of hydraulics has resulted in the creation of a supersonic “gun” that has been designed to rid human skin of “striae” or stretch marks. The treatment would involve the “blasting” of skin with a combination of salt and oxygen. The treatment, though it sounds simpler than a laser Light Therapy, would benefit not only those who would like to get rid of stretch marks, but would also benefit burn patients and those with long-term scars resulting from other reasons.

The machine, which uses both the gas for and the fluid form during the treatment process, has been proven to reduce the incidence of acne during testing. Imagine your skin being blasted by salt and oxygen at a pace that supersedes the speed of sound. Trial is already being done in many countries around the world.

Supersonic Oxygen-Salt Treatment

The supersonic oxygen-salt treatment is not the same with laser treatment (which aims at complete regeneration), it aims to alter the basic structure of the skin, to make it more elastic and therefore more amenable to faster regeneration and faster healing. The treatment is a boon especially those who are suffering from massive skin injuries such as burn patients, whose skin flexibility have already been compromised.

Aside from healing damaged skin, the treatment will also be used to flatten wrinkles (around the eyes, under the chin, generalized wrinkling in the face, etc.) It is also being tested whether it can be applied as a medicine-delivery system, eliminating the need to use needles during regular “injections” of intravenous medicine.

The gun, which hails from the United Kingdom, has already been approved for general use in that area of the world by the equivalent of the American FDA, results in “peeling” of the skin, which allows for newer, smoother layers of skin to re-grow on the treated parts. The power of the jet is able to dislodge skin tissue so well that doctors can actually remove skin layer by layer if the need arises.

This new machine would also be able to ease the pain of burn patients during the ritual “scrubbing”, which is very, very painful and very, very bloody, because manual methods are employed to literally “scrub” away dead skin tissue so that newer tissue can grow back in, and the circulatory system can start building vascular tissues once again.

The Benefits of Supersonic Oxygen-Salt Treatment

For people who are suffering from stretch marks, the markings would eventually disappear because of the strong jet that causes the skin to eventually flatten out, removing the discrepancies between the striae and the surrounding tissues.

To add to this, the machine would also be able to deliver the appropriate medicine during treatment, lessening the recovery time of the skin and improving the chances of completely removing the marks from the surface of the skin.

Since the procedure itself is mostly painless, it can be done on a more regular basis and if of course less expensive than the use of laser treatment. If scarring is present only on a small area, then people can be sure that improvement would be seen in a short while.