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Shea Butter for Stretch Marks

Shea Butter

Shea butter is considered a good remedy for stretch marks. Africa’s arid areas are the home of shea trees and shea butter is extracted from these trees. It is the fatty part of shea tree. Although locals in that area use shea tree fat as cooking oil since centuries, it has been now recognized as a powerful ingredient in cosmetics for skin care. Previously cocoa butter was used as the fat base in the cosmetics; because of its various healing properties, shea butter has left it far behind.

An Effective Treatment for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are usually formed during pregnancy, sudden weight loss or gain, and during body building. When our body expands, our skin gets stretched. The layers under the upper layer of the skin are not able to stretch that easily and it results into tearing of skin at many places. This is the reason that we see stretch marks on the skin.

Upper arms, thighs, stomach, buttocks are the common areas where people generally get stretch marks. It is really very difficult to get rid of these stretch marks even if you take care of your skin on a regular basis. You may find many creams and lotion on the shelves of the stores that claim to relieve you from stretch marks, shea butter definitely is a product that is quite effective for the treatment of stretch marks.

Shea butter is now being used in a number of lotions and in the ointments that are being used for treating rashes and different type of eczemas and in sun-block-lotions as well. It is also very effective if used for cracked skin.

Apply shea butter well on the areas that have been affected. It does not leave any greasy patina behind as is the case with other lotions and creams. Those, who use baby oil or olive oil, find them very sticky and oily. Shea butter has become the favorite among people that have to stay out of the house for a longer time without any moisturizer. Shea butter is highly concentrated and one of the best remedies in getting rid of stretch marks.

Shea Butter is Not a Low Price Treatment

Unfortunately, shea butter is not available in abundance. This is the reason that products containing shea butter are more expensive than the products that contain cocoa butter or other greasy substances. People that do not know much about shea butter and its usefulness to help fighting stretch marks, may miss the opportunity.