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Stretch Marks in Men   

Most people think that stretch marks only affect women. This is because most of the treatments and products available today are marketed as safe for pregnant and nursing women. There never seems to be treatments geared towards men alone. Thus, the thinking that only women get stretch marks continues to prevail.

The truth is that men can also get stretch marks. They are not better off than the opposite sex. Even though the appearance of stretch marks is not openly discussed by and among men, there is no doubt that thousands of them continue to be bothered and embarrassed by their problem. While many still continue to shy away from stretch mark treatments, more and more men are starting to seek a solution for their skin condition.

Causes of Stretch Marks in Men

Puberty is the period when stretch marks usually develop. This is because of sudden growth spurts that cause the skin to overstretch.

Obesity is another cause of stretch marks in men. A rapid increase in body weight causes the skin to go over the limit of its elasticity. Tears in the dermis then occur. When these tears heal, scars or stretch marks form.

Working out is also another common cause of stretch marks in males. This cause is more common in men than in women because the former tends to develop more and bigger muscles than the latter. The steroids that many body builders take can also bring about hormonal imbalances that may affect collagen production.

The Solution for Stretch Marks in Men

Stretch marks can be prevented and/or reduced by eating the right diet, keeping your body constantly hydrated, and engaging in regular exercises. It is also possible to reduce the appearance of stretch marks through the use of stretch mark creams and other over-the-counter products.