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StriVectin-SD Reviews

What is StriVectin-SD® Stretch Mark Cream?

StriVectin-SD® Stretch Mark Cream, from Klein-Becker Holdings, LLC, is both a deep wrinkle cream and stretch mark cream rolled into one. According to the product website, the cream had been primarily developed as a stretch mark cream but was also proven effective by users as an easy and painless remedy for wrinkles. Originally distributed as a stretch mark cream, Klein-Becker is now advertising the skin cream for wrinkles as well as stretch marks.

Other specialized products have also sprung from the loins of StriVectin-SD® as a result of the massive response of both local and international consumers.

This skin cream has the advantage of being easily absorbed and it actually encourages cellular regeneration by activating the peptides present in the skin with its own formulated peptides. With the use of the patented formula, skin becomes firmer and the deep wrinkles and stretch marks are easily removed with time. All you have to do is to follow the recommended usage of the product and time would do the rest.

The skin cream is also advertised as a natural and cheaper alternative to botox treatments, which involves the injection of a subdued toxin into the skin. This is done to paralyze the muscles that are causing the wrinkles in the first place.   

How Does StriVectin-SD® Stretch Mark Cream Work?      

StriVectin-SD® Stretch Mark Cream works by making use of an active ingredient called PAL-KTTS. This chemical complex had been first tested in the country of France and is now being used exclusively by the company responsible for this skin cream.

What PAL-KTTS can do is quite simple, but the effects are indeed wondrous. After this complex is absorbed into the skin, it comes into contact with the fibroblasts and other natural skin factories on the cellular level. The complex then begins to improve the skin’s health by enhancing the production of protein in the skin. With more protein, the skin gets more plump and elastic, and not to mention stronger.

Is Pal-KTTS more effective than other more conventional ways of removing wrinkles, blemishes and stretch marks from the very surface of the skin? The answer is a resounding ‘Yes’.

Actually, the first serious clinical study done on the peptide complex compared the effectiveness of the said peptide cocktail to the benefits of compounds such as vitamin C and vitamin A. It’s fortunate that the Pal-KTTS compound had won soundly over the other compounds in terms of effectiveness and quickness. This is actually quite welcome news because some of the newer skin creams that purport to remedy the problem of stretch marks use the other compounds that are inferior to the peptide complex.

StriVectin-SD® Stretch Mark Cream User Reviews

StriVectin-SD® Stretch Mark Cream user reviews have been positive, with many first time buyers relating the success of their first trial of this revolutionary new skin cream. Though some websites rank this product lower than older, existing products, they can’t replicate the kind of performance that StriVectin has been producing. For one, the skin cream proved to be a welcome ally even for multiple scar and stretch mark formations brought about by pregnancy.

One user review was from a young mother who had just given birth. She wanted to get rid of the stretch marks so she tried the skin cream to find out what would happen. It’s fortunate that this particular user knew the nature of natural skin healing and had allowed her skin to recuperate alongside the skin cream for a total of four weeks.

After 4 weeks of applying the StriVectin Stretch Mark Cream to her trouble areas all over her body, she reported that she could no longer see the stretch marks in the mirror. In addition, she felt that her skin’s general appearance and feel had improved greatly because of the product.

What we learned from this user review was that this product works first on the discoloration on the skin; the next step is removing the physical ridges.       

StriVectin-SD® Stretch Mark Cream Side Effects

StriVectin-SD® Stretch Mark Cream does not produce any harmful side effects. You’re free to use the product even during pregnancy because the product website did not declare any ingredients that have been flagged by the FDA.

You actually have quite an advantage with StriVectin-SD® Stretch Mark Cream because you wouldn’t have to deal with the common side effect associated with the use of this type of skin cream, such as itching and redness of the skin.

Since this product is quite concentrated, it is recommended that you only use a small amount of the skin cream per application. The important thing is to rub the skin cream correctly and allow your skin to absorb the cream sufficiently enough.

An easy way to make the application of just about any stretch mark cream is by using it only when your skin is actually ready. Ready means your skin is relatively clean and clear, without a large amount of particulates on the surface. Only by doing this would the body be able to respond amply to the treatment being given to it.

In addition, don’t use the product when you’re about to put on your clothes. This might reduce the amount of the cream that would get absorbed by the body.    

Where to Buy StriVectin-SD® Stretch Mark Cream?    

StriVectin-SD® Stretch Mark Cream can be purchased from their company website. The cream is priced at $139.00 which is a bit more expensive than other natural creams, such as Revitol ($39.95). The lowest price we found online is $72.00 for 2 fl oz on Amazon.

The product has been made very concentrated and even has been formulated with anti-UV compounds. This is indeed a great bonus because the skin cream can actually help you protect your skin from further skin ageing due to the harsh sunlight. If you live in a sunny state, better get the one type that has sun protection factor of 30.

No matter how hectic your days seem to be, you can easily find time to smear the skin cream to improve your stretch marks. After a while you would notice vast changes in your skin’s appearance even if you’re heavily engaged in work on a daily basis.