Stretch Mark-S




Using Exercise as a Weapon against Stretch Marks

Stretch mark creams and laser treatments can definitely help you heal those stretch marks. But did you know that you can actually prevent them from happening, thereby effectively saving you from any undue expenses?

The truth is that you simply have to make your skin supple enough to make it more resistant to stretch marks. Like making a house resistant to the elements, you can also make your skin resistant to the wear and tear of weight gain and pregnancy through regular exercise.

The Exercises

1. For buttocks and hips - Stretch marks often run from the back of the knee to the buttocks, making you unable to wear nice swimsuits during the summer splash.

You can easily remedy this by exercising your muscles and skin in these areas. Remember that nearly all individuals are biologically predisposed to storing a lot of fat in these problem areas. It’s just a matter of averting the disaster before it happens.

To exercise this area, lie flat on your back and relax. Now lift one leg and create a 90 degree angle until you feel a certain pull on your buttocks. Repeat with the other leg, slowly adding to the pace and to the strain on the hips, thighs and buttocks. Make sure that all muscle groups are working extremely well when you do this exercise.

2. For the breast area - Since the breasts have no real muscular support, what you can do is to use weights in exercising the pectoral muscles.

The pectoral muscles only need a certain pull in order to be activated. Dead-lifting is effective, and butterfly machines are actually a boon to people who want to strengthen this part of the body.

3. For the abdominal area - Exercising the abdominal area is fairly easy, and can be accomplished by doing simple curl ups. The important thing is that the muscles themselves should be working- the skin’s elasticity would follow suit.

Getting Inside Help

In conjunction with exercises, you can also help your skin acquire the kind of elasticity it needs by investing in a lot calcium, protein, vitamin D and collagen supplement. Collagen is produced by the action of vitamin D, so be ready to drink plenty of water and plenty of full cream milk. Full cream milk (in cartons or in the reconstituted form) are chock full of essential vitamins and minerals, and is generally good for the skin.

Vitamin E on the other hand is good for the skin and can really help repair damaged skin. Also, vitamin E is also known for making the skin very supple and sun-damage-resistant. If you can invest in these kinds of food supplements, then you are well on your way to having that wonderful skin that you sorely need.

Moisturizing is important, so make sure that you get plenty of water in the interim. You don’t have to strictly abide by the 8 glasses a day rule. What you actually have to do is to give yourself the necessary drink whenever you feel like it. It’s not really true that weight gain results from drinking water so have a drink or more.