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Vitamin E for Stretch Marks

Vitamin E

Vitamin E, an organic compound is essential for the human body. The body requires various nutrients for its overall health and smooth functioning and Vitamin E is one of them. Found in many fruits and vegetables, Vitamin E is a great source of such essential nutrients that are very effective in the alleviation of many ailments and it is especially very helpful in removing stretch marks.

Vitamin E Increases Skin Elasticity

Vitamin E has the capacity to make our skin more elastic and firm and this is the reason why it is considered one of the best remedies to get rid of the stretch marks. With the application of vitamin E, our skin becomes resistant against the tearing and stretching that comes during pregnancy.

There are different forms of vitamin E such as gamma, beta, delta tocopherol, and alpha. It is concluded through various studies that alphatocopherol has the highest level of bioactivity amongst all forms for direct use on bare skin. Clinical research in the area has found vitamin E to have the strongest effect in terms of reduction of formation and scarring of stretch marks.

Vitamin E works effectively for stretch marks caused due to pregnancy, since it is capable of regenerating skin cells. It can penetrate deeply in the skin and speed up the production of new cells. Thus, scar tissues responsible for the appearance of these stretch marks are replaced and fade over time. These marks become increasingly shorter and thinner in the process due to vitamin E until they become unnoticeable after a point of time.

In addition to its capacity to clear stretch marks from the surface of the skin, vitamin E has also been found to be effective in preventing new marks from developing. Since it improves the elasticity and firmness of skin, it makes the skin capable of dealing with tears that may occur due to various factors including weight changes, pregnancy, and hormonal flux.

Vitamin E Rich Foods

In fact, vitamin E rich foods such as mangoes, almonds, and kiwis can do wonders for your skin. Vitamin can also be consumed by purchasing Vitamin E capsules. Pierce these using a needle and apply their oil directly on the skin. Another option would be to get hold of cosmetic products rich in vitamin E such as stretch mark creams. With virtually no side effects, Vitamin E is the safest way of reducing stretch marks.