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Does Aromatherapy Work for Stretch Marks?  

For the longest time, creams and tanning are seen as salvations for those who would like to erase their stretch marks. While these two provide a certain measure of success in diminishing the obviousness of stretch marks, some people are still shaking their heads, as if the real answer to stretch marks has been here all along.

Aromatherapy, the general term that denotes that use of special aromatic oils in relation to physical well being, is being touted as one of nature’s answers to the cry for help of people who want to diminish their stretch marks.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy, in its simplest definition is the use of select fragrant oils in the attempt to relax the body. The relaxation occurs during a period of time that is usually accompanied with massage or the use of a heated environment such as a sauna room or at home in a tub filled with hot water. The important thing is the heat has to be applied in conjunction with the application of the aromatic oils because the skin’s pores have to remain open for the oils to do their job.

Usually, an aromatic oil treatment is inexpensive, but it gains significant meaning now that we are linking it with stretch marks. Essential oils are mainly either curative or regenerative. For example, oils like tea tree oil are used as antibiotic salves that help restore damaged skin. On the other hand, oils like almond oil have been known to stimulate the formation of collagen on sites on the human skin that need it, thereby effectively speeding up repair and improving the final product of the repaired skin.

Aromatherapy & Stretch Marks

While there have been no scientific studies that tested aromatherapy in relation to stretch marks - especially stretch marks in women, it should be noted that in the general scheme of things, aromatherapy has already proved beneficial to the human skin in other ways.

For example, essential oils have been known to halt the growth of fungal colonies on the skin, and have been known also to improve blood circulation, thereby making waste disposal and toxin disposal much more efficient.

Burn patients have also been known to undergo aromatherapy to soften the burnt skin and to make the “scrubbing” or removal of dead skin tissue less painful. The action of heat (through steam or otherwise) and the soothing oils are thought to have helped release natural painkillers in the body, causing less pain and improving the over-all condition of the patient.

Consult Your Doctor

Now, if you wish to use essential oils to help dispel stretch marks during pregnancy, first consult with your doctor as to what specific essential oils you can use for your home aromatherapy sessions. As there are some counter-indicative essential oils, take note also of those which cannot be used by lactating mothers.

Let the essential oils help you - if you can, keep the weight gain after giving birth steady and slow, to allow your skin to stretch or expand slowly as well. If you are able to do this, it doesn’t matter if you gain a few pounds or many pounds- the skin will not have spidery stretch marks because you gave it enough time to adapt to your changing bodily dimensions.